Tips and Tricks On How To Generate More Leads For Your Business

Gain more leads for your business

Business has changed a lot over the past few years, and even over the past few months. One thing has not changed, however. You still have to be diligent about obtaining leads for your business. Lead generation can be an overwhelming process. With the proper lead generation strategies, though, you can foster those leads to […]

Social Media Ads: Are They Worth It?

Social media ads like on facebook and instagram

Advertising is a forever-changing game. Not that many years ago, you could rely solely on traditional advertising. Billboards, newspaper ads, and radio advertisements ruled the ad space. Things are quite different, now. The online marketplace is gigantic. In order to stay afloat, you will also have to stand out from thousands of online businesses through […]

5 Ways To Promote Your Business Before It Launches

Promote your business through social media

You have been preparing your business for months, maybe even years, and it is finally time to launch your business. Before launch, however, you want to promote your business so that the launch is lucrative and successful. What do you do?  To have a successful pre-launch promotion, you need to know how to promote your […]

How To Build The Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2020

A laptop opeend with a social media marekting on it

If you are new to social media marketing, you may feel overwhelmed or bombarded by information, especially if you are new to social media in general. From choosing the right channels to deciding on content, building a social media marketing strategy can be difficult. For this reason, we have created this article on building the […]

Luxury Brand Marketing: Why They’re Saying No to Amazon 

Luxury brands don't like to market their products on Amazon.

Why are luxury brands not marketing on Amazon? There’s a few good reasons why. Retail giants such as Walmart and Amazon have gained access to brands such as Zappos, Moosejaw, and ShopBop. However, there’s still a broad range of luxury brands that remain far away from the retail world as possible. Many brands and retailers […]

Karkloof Safari Villas: How the Top Spas in the World Market Themselves

A nice spa scene is a great way to market themselves.

It may seem like a luxury spa wouldn’t have to do much marketing at all. As long as their target audience know the location and what they had to offer, that would be plenty to lure potential guests throughout the year.  A good company will always need to have a strong and ongoing marketing strategy […]

Marketing Analysis of the Month: Ferrari

Someone is writing the word marketing analysis on the board.

For this month’s marketing analysis, we’d like to put the spotlight on Ferrari. The Ferrari brand has been around since 1947 when this world-class Sports Car manufacturer was founded by Enzo Ferrari. It remains a world leader in luxury sports car brands because of their focus on quality engineering and impressive design.  Ferrari’s successful marketing […]

4 Key Factors of a Successful Brand

Someone's hand is pointing at the brand strategy.

Your branding strategy is crucial! Being part of a brand means working towards a common goal of success. Sometimes discovering success is easier said than done. Finding common success factors can put you one step closer to achieving your goal. While your brand may have a few factors implemented, it is a combination of factors […]

How To Prioritize Your SEO Strategy

A napkin with SEO strategy.

If you ask a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist why a site should be optimized, he/she may give you quite a complex answer. Why?  SEO is comprised of so many things that it is tough to come up with a simple answer and provide numerous suggestions. Keeping the answering part aside, oftentimes, most teams lack […]

5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2020 You Should Leverage

Someone looking at digital marketing trends for 2020.

The digital marketing arena is always evolving. Previously, posting content on social media was all it took to grow your business. Now customer interaction is also crucial. If your content is not engaging to customers, it will be difficult to stay ahead in the competitive market. There are some businesses are able to stay updated […]