Google has been the undisputed leader in the world of online marketing for many years. Every company wants to get to the top of their search engine results with a go to marketing strategy. This means that with every change the search engine giant makes to their algorithm, marketing teams have to start over again with their marketing strategies. 

It’s a never-ending cycle that can get very frustrating very fast if you are involved in SEO or online marketing at all. It seems that once you get the hang of the latest Google updates and see success with your current strategy that they come up with something new. 

Battling with Google’s Ever-Changing Algorithm 

Fortunately, there is a way to beat the vicious cycle by having a go-to marketing strategy that will work regardless of the changes made. 

When you start off as a new company trying to tackle Google’s deep reservoir of old content with countless backlinks, it can be intimidating. But there is a catch to Google’s ever-changing system and that is their machine learning algorithm, Rankbrain. 

What is Rankbrain? 

Rankbrain, which was a confirmed algorithm in 2015, helps the search engine giant to sort through their search results based on behavioral factors as well as contextual clues. 

What this means is it measures the number of times a person clicks on content then goes back to look at the other results. This suggests that many Google users do not find exactly what they were looking for on the first go around. 

On the other hand, if a user hangs around on your website after clicking, also known as dwell time, it paints a much more positive picture for your link. 

Think With User Experience

Longer dwell time can be due to two things, quality of the content and overall pleasurable user experience. By focusing on these two factors and ensuring that your website always has these two things, you can help to overcome the endless cycle of Google and their changing algorithms. 

Check your page speed with Google Page Speed Insights. Look at your bounce rate and make adjustments. 

Content: Still King

What value do you offer your users in regards to your content? Is the information your site helpful users? Does it provide value? If not, rework your content strategy and start adding valuable copy that improves user experience. 

Adding video and graphics are also key to this. 

Leverage Your Social Media Assets

Your social media is the place where you can communicate with and engage users. It is an essential part of your go to marketing strategy. Create social media that will attract people to your pages. Run ads and invite potential customers to follow. Then provide them with value and information 

Survey, Survey Survey

Don’t assume you know what your customer wants. Survey them by asking them what they want. Once you find out, provide that. 

Remember that Google is your friend and your goal should be to provide as much value in your service or product as possible. 

And, if you’re not sure what to do after reading this, reach out to us. We have several levels of help offered through our site starting with a consultation to full-service marketing. We can create a custom go to marketing strategy for you or your business.