Social media has had tremendous growth in the past couple of years! Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are abundant for marketing opportunities with brands and businesses. With more than a billion users monthly, it is easy to see why brands and marketers are scrambling to get the lion’s share of the marketing cake and grow their respective businesses.

Whether you are looking to increase awareness or simply trying to become a social media celebrity, it can be tempting to pay for your first couple thousand followers. While it might sound like a good idea, buying fake Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram followers is misinformed. If anything, it will be your business’ marketing undoing. So, instead of using your resources to buy Instagram followers, it would be wise to use that time, energy, and money to build a genuine relationship with a real audience. But how do you do that?

Hop on Trending Topics

Taking advantage of what’s trending is one way spread the word about your brand. Trending topics spread like wildfire, and if you creatively etch your brand in amongst the flames, you will earn thousands of new followers.

Therefore, ensure that you are in the know with current affairs and wittingly use trending hashtags. If you take advantage of three trending topics a week, for instance, you may comfortably add hundreds of followers weekly.

Encourage Your Current Followers to Share Your Content

Encouraging your current followers to share your content is another way to attract a new following and increase your visibility online. Your engagement with them will reflect on the users’ timelines, and their followers will be able to learn about you, and if they relate with your content, they will end up following you. For example, you can create competitions that encourage your followers to tag as many friends as possible. If the tagged friends find your profile and the content therein interesting, they will follow you in droves.

Make Good Use of the Live Feature and Relevant Hashtags

The live features on Twitter and Instagram are gems that are massively underused by brands. On Instagram, for instance, the Live Stories are visible in Instagram Explore. That means that even people who are not your followers can watch the content.

If they like the content in your stories, they will give you a follow. That’s why you need to accompany your videos with appropriate hashtags and geo-location every time you go live. These two make a massive difference in terms of the number of people that will end up seeing the content.

Create Instagram and Twitter Ads

Creating sponsored ads to boost your follower count is a good alternative to having to buy followers. It helps you target your potential clients and customers who eventually follow you.

Twitter ads work well, too. They appear on very many people’s timelines, and if they like your content, they will follow you. The funds you would have spent to buy Twitter followers can be channeled to the ads, and the results will manifest in the conversion rates and other ROIs.

Go on a Following Spree

Instead of having to buy followers, take a hands-on approach. Following people on your own is something you can do to gain attention to your page. If the followers like your content, they will most likely follow you back. Over time, your numbers will get better and better.

V12 Strategies

If your current strategy is not getting you the kind of following you’d want or you just doubt it, the team at V12 Strategies can help you evaluate if it’s the best fit for you and your social media accounts. Reach out to us today to get started.