Ever wondered why the top blogs like Huffington Post, Evernote, and others do so well yet yours seems to stagnate or progress at a slow speed? The reality is, these blogs have a winning formula that you possibly don’t.

In today’s golden age of content marketing, only businesses with cutting-edge strategies and techniques are guaranteed success. Those who just sit back or keep doing things the same way get outgunned every day by better-performing brands. But that should not be the case for you. Embracing these content marketing strategies from some of the best blogs out there will, without a doubt, elevate your average business into a market leader.

Quality Content is King

Quality reigns supreme in the world of content marketing. Consumers will always find blogs that deliver quality more reliable because they satiate their needs. That’s why top blogs like Entrepreneur and Coursera are very wary of the quality they put out for their readers to consume.

Whether grammar, style, or tone of the content, you need to ensure that your blog’s quality is very high – error-free, informative, and engaging. Keep the content simple with no fluff. Address the subject matter exhaustively and avoid rookie grammatical mistakes which reek of unprofessionalism and carelessness.

Include Visual Content

Every top blog understands the value of catching readers’ attention. They spice up their written content with high quality, relevant images, and infographics. This does not only grab the reader’s attention but refuses to let go.

When used appropriately, visual content can make your blog go viral and hence market your brand even more. With visual content, however, less is more. More images tend to reduce the loading speeds of your pages and affect the overall user experience on your blog. Therefore, you need to be judicious about the photos you use and desist from using controversial images just to create a buzz.

Present Your Content Properly

Some of the best blogs out there, don’t actually have the most fascinating content – but they present their decent content immaculately. The secret lies in simplifying your work and presenting it in an appealing manner that will prompt readers to consume the content with ease.

Short, concise headlines, subheadings, lists, and simple sentences are some of the formatting secrets which the best blog sites use, and you should implement these in your work as well. The more concise and straight to the point content is the more reads and shares it is likely to garner.

Craft Compelling CTAs

At the end of the day, you are running a business and want to promote your brand and to achieve this. That’s why you’ll need to include CTA (Call to Action) buttons and prompts in your blog. The best blogs don’t sound too ‘selly’ or too persuasive with their CTAs.

Be it a share button, subscribe prompt or a sale of a product, be subtle about the way you include these CTAs in your work without pushing your readers into a wall to do what you want them to do. If they enjoy your content, they soon enough will start obliging to your CTAs, and you will reap the benefits.

Over to You

Now that you’re armed with the right knowledge and tools in this fight, there’s no reason not to try for some simple blogs. But, that’s never an easy task. In fact, you’ll won’t figure it all out overnight. If you need a little help, the team at V12 Strategies can help you implement effective marketing strategies. Give us a call today to learn how we can make that happen.