Instagram isn’t just a place for people to share images of your cute fur babies, or family activities. If there is one less known fact about Instagram, it would be how powerful of a marketing tool it is. 

With more than 1 billion active users across the world, Instagram is a marketing haven for businesses to represent their brand, celebrate their personality, and present themselves at the top to all users who scroll through their feed daily. 

What’s more, there are some fantastic Instagram brands out there that are doing really well on the platform. Get ready to be inspired! Scroll down and see our choice of the top 10 fantastic Instagram brands right now. 

Sephora Collections

With a whopping Instagram follower base of 626k, Sephora showcases a playful, feminine, and colorful personality. They make sure there is a glam factor in every post and do a commendable job in characterizing their personality using patterns, bright colors, and fun captions. Their Instagram feed also highlights fun videos that pour out energetic vibes. 

Paris Opera Ballet

Paris Opera Ballet captures the city of Paris’ love for art through excellent photography. Candid images of ballet’s dancers during rehearsals, performances, and backstage, are all captured to present the viewers a glimpse of what ballet production looks like. In order to add more creativity, they also use banners on Instagram, and highlight performance venues to generate excitement. 

Divinity LA Bracelets

Ever thought how small businesses could use Instagram to their advantage? 

Divinity LA Bracelet is a perfect example of how small businesses could perform well on Instagram, and with 238k Instagram followers; they sure are doing an amazing job. Their beaded bracelets come in different themes, and they make their posts engaging by asking their viewers to tag their friends for a social cause, or even something funny. 

Califia Farms

This Instagram brand offers the coolest packaging we have ever come across, and what’s better than Instagram to show their curvy bottles off. Their posts feature their beverage containers in some way, either they would be the main subject, or they would be more like an accessory in an image that portrays the buyer persona’s lifestyle. 

They even have fun videos and GIFs where they teach their viewers something new or give them something enjoyable to watch. 


With over 660k Instagram followers, Shiseido is Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy which was first established 140 years ago. Their primarily sell quality anti-aging and brightening skincare, fragrance, and makeup products. Their Instagram content justifies their mission of inspiring a life of beauty and culture by posting three images at a time. 

On their larger feed, these three images form a row pattern which is indeed a clever way to keep the content organized. 


This small business belongs to a husband and wife duo. They create and sell handcrafted felt letterboards. The letterboards include a full set of characters for people to personalize the walls of their homes. 

The duo inspires people through Instagram posts by curating content that portrays their cool and thought-provoking ideas. 

No Your City

No Your City produces a documentary series that captures the intriguing stories of people from around the world. But their Instagram brand is less about these documentaries and more about highlighting beautiful images from New York. 

What separates their images from the others is how they showcase best practices by capturing photos with their phone. Each of their photos talks about at least one of these recommendations. The brand has a superb base of Instagram followers who account to around 26k.


People at Staples get everything right when it comes to Instagram content and marketing. However, the two practices that we are particularly interested in are the way in which they engage with their followers by asking questions, and by using call-to-actions in captions. 

FollowMe To

Ever wondered how those photos of women leading a man by the hand came into existence. For those are still wondering, it was made famous by Murad and Natalia Osmann through a project named #FollowMeTo. 

As you can imagine, their Instagram account highlights both the classic #FollowMeTo poses along with a few stunning, behind-the-scenes photos.

Finfolk Productions

Thanks to Finfolk Productions, our dreams of becoming a mermaid could now come true? Though silicone mermaid tails aren’t popular all across the world, they are considered trendy in certain areas. And among certain age groups – mostly young ladies who are Instagram’s major users. 

Finfolk Productions Instagram account is a combination of gorgeous photos that look more like mythical art than the real world.

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