The best marketing tools are crucial if you want your business to grow and scale faster. Nevertheless, the online realm is crowded with so many marketing tools that it becomes hard to know where to start. 

Every new tool that you adopt requires the investment of a particular amount of time apart from money. Therefore, choosing a wrong tool can lead to your business losing both money and valuable time, and it can be too much of a hassle. 

At V12 Strategies, we have a few of the best online marketing tools that we rely upon to help our clients grow their business. Find out more about our picks below.

Analytics and Data Tool – Google Analytics

Marketers can’t literally live without Google Analytics. In fact, it is an absolute must for anyone looking to achieve business goals in 2019. Free to use, this online marketing tool provides you with all the important information about your website’s performance such as popular keywords, audience demographics, actions that are taken, etc. 

SEO and Blog Content Tool – UberSuggest

Content is king, and so is SEO. Businesses that apply SEO techniques in their blogs can use UberSuggest to come up with new blog topics, and keywords. The marketing tool showcases a ‘suggest’ tool where you input your main keyword to get a list of related results. By choosing a result and expanding it, you could find more information such as Google Trends data, search for the term in Google, and more. 

Social Media Marketing Tool – MeetEdgar

If evergreen content is what you are in search of, MeetEdgar is the tool you need. Input tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn updates into your ‘library’ separated into different categories. Set a calendar, and schedule the post as of when it would go live, and in which social media account. Sit back, and let the marketing tools do its job. 

Email Automation Tool – ActiveCampaign

Forget the trouble of having to manage your email automation plans through different platforms. ActiveCampaign eases your way through email automation as a marketer by allowing you to perform all tasks from email marketing to sales CRM software. It aids you in engaging with your contacts by means of welcome emails, sales follow-ups, trigger campaigns, and more. The numerous data-driven automation further makes sure that you stay aware of all the potential leads and opportunities. 

Visual Design Tool – Canva 

Creating beautiful photos get easier with Canva’s drag-and-drop technology. Choose from the multitude of templates, or start with a pre-sized blank design for the platform where you want to the image to be posted. You are also given the option to customize the image with your colors, logos, and fonts under the branding section.

Landing Page Tool – LeadPages

Create landing pages that comply with Google’s new mobile-friendliness act with LeadPages. This marketing tool collects email addresses, offer lead magnets, and integrate your page with email automation software. What more can you probably ask for?

Project Management Tool – Basecamp

This is one tool that we personally love the most. With options to create both internal and client-facing folders, you can manage all parts of your projects by staying up-to-date on all tasks, sharing documents, and keeping track of upcoming meeting using a shared calendar. 

Content Curation Tool – Feedly

To put it simply, Feedly makes your life easy. It brings together all your favorite blogs at a single platform so that you could simply scroll through and enjoy reading them quickly. Additionally, it also leaves notes on how many shares an article has allowed you to find and share the popular ones on social media.  

Want help with your digital marketing? Or, are you wondering “what is marketing”? 

Whatever it is, contact us to learn more about our services and marketing programs.