V12 Strategies Guide: Best Marketing Tools Of 2020 For Your Busines

Someone looking up marketing tools on their laptop with coffee.

The best marketing tools are crucial if you want your business to grow and scale faster. Nevertheless, the online realm is crowded with so many marketing tools that it becomes hard to know where to start.  Every new tool that you adopt requires the investment of a particular amount of time apart from money. Therefore, […]

10 Fantastic Instagram Brands Right Now

A hand holding phone with instagram homepage.

Instagram isn’t just a place for people to share images of your cute fur babies, or family activities. If there is one less known fact about Instagram, it would be how powerful of a marketing tool it is.  With more than 1 billion active users across the world, Instagram is a marketing haven for businesses […]

What Can We Learn from The Best Blogs Out There?

The word blog on notebook with glasses.

Ever wondered why the top blogs like Huffington Post, Evernote, and others do so well yet yours seems to stagnate or progress at a slow speed? The reality is, these blogs have a winning formula that you possibly don’t. In today’s golden age of content marketing, only businesses with cutting-edge strategies and techniques are guaranteed […]

What if Google or Social Media Ads Didn’t Exist?

A social media ad in a laptop with cursor.

Imagine browsing on your social media pages, ad-free! You get to surf the Internet with no ads, use social media platforms without sponsored content or any adverts. Sounds great, doesn’t it? To the consumer tired of nagging popup ads, life without ads would, without a doubt, appear perfect. On the flip side, it would be taxing […]

How To Build Your Social Media WITHOUT Buying Followers

Someone doing social media on a laptop.

Social media has had tremendous growth in the past couple of years! Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are abundant for marketing opportunities with brands and businesses. With more than a billion users monthly, it is easy to see why brands and marketers are scrambling to get the lion’s share of the marketing cake and grow their […]

5 Tips for a Google Friendly Marketing Strategy

Picture of laptop with Google go to marketing strategy

Google has been the undisputed leader in the world of online marketing for many years. Every company wants to get to the top of their search engine results with a go to marketing strategy. This means that with every change the search engine giant makes to their algorithm, marketing teams have to start over again […]

Marketing Debug: Does it Exist?

A picture of a laptop that will be used for a marketing strategy.

A perfect marketing strategy may seem like an impossible dream. Even for those who have years of experience in the field. Do you currently have a failing marketing strategy? If your strategy isn’t giving you the results your company deserves, it could be time to debug your marketing plans. And, fix the errors so that […]

How the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Became a Marketing Giant

marketing strategy for bank of china

Is it possible for the largest lender in the world to be simply an international bank? With more than $1.9 trillion assets, and not be a global bank? Yes, it is. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China or ICBC has recently announced that they are just starting to make plans for becoming a genuine […]

Are You Starting Your Marketing from Scratch? Maybe You Don’t Have To

marketing strategy

There are many different factors that go into developing a successful marketing strategy. You need discipline, understanding of the various tactics, and have a basic knowledge of how marketing works.  This can be difficult when you are starting from scratch but, the good news is that it is not impossible. If you are on the […]

Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work?

Influencer marketing in action with woman getting ready to travel.

Influencer marketing has been gaining steam over the last couple of years. It has become a powerful strategy that allows businesses to increase brand awareness, expand their online reach, and build a positive reputation through influencers’ advocacy. With the allure of these prospects, it’s natural to jump on the influencer bandwagon without giving it much […]