Creating the best possible website for your business involves many moving parts, such as a well-done landing page, proper information, chatbots, contact forms, and more. One part of a website that can be incredibly beneficial, but is often not included, is a blog. Blogs can do wonders for your website. Here are some reasons below why you should include them. 

Blogs Incorporate SEO and Increase Traffic

Probably the most beneficial aspect of having blogs on your website is that they generate a lot of traffic. Websites with blogs tend to get a lot more traffic than those without blogs because of the way that Google search algorithms work. Google SEO prioritizes results that have currently relevant keywords as well as fresh content. Regularly posting new blog entries that are SEO optimized can greatly increase your Google ranking results, and in turn, the traffic of your website. 

Building Customer Relationships and Social Media Presence

Another great reason to start a blog on your website is that they build relationships with your customer base. First, you can use these blogs to go into detail on certain subjects or concepts that customers are curious about or to answer frequent questions. In addition, you can encourage customer engagement through the forms of comments and likes/dislikes. Not only does this allow you to engage with customers and answer questions, but it also provides critical insight into their wants and needs. 

Blogs that contain interesting content can improve your company’s social media presence. You can post these blogs on your various social media pages, which offers another avenue for the customer and potential customer engagement. People can share the post and tag their friends, creating more exposure for the business. You can also add “share” links to the actual blog post on your website so that viewers can easily send or post it elsewhere. This is essentially another way of creating a word-of-mouth marketing campaign. 

How Blog Posts Help the Longevity of Your Website

The final reason for adding blogs to your website comes after you have a history of posts. When you first make a new blog, chances are that activity on the site will spike. then slow down. But, this is typically not the case with a well-run blog. Posts will continue to attract traffic from searches that match the keywords of the post. You could very well be receiving regular traffic from a post that was written some time ago. Then, as you create an established blog with many posts that all attract traffic, in addition to new blog posts, your site can begin to have a much higher and regular stream of traffic. Of course, more traffic typically means more leads that can end up in sales. 

V12 Strategies Can Help You Create Your Blog

There is almost no reason not to start a blog on your website, as it is an inexpensive and beneficial way to boost traffic to your site and encourage customer interaction. It is a simple way to boost your site and help you spread the word about your business. If you are looking for someone to help you create a blog or increase your social media presence, contact V12 Strategies. We can help your business’s online presence and marketing. Give us a call today for a free consultation.