If you are familiar with The Queen’s Gambit, there are a few business strategies you can take away that will help with your business strategy. The Queen’s Gambit is a Netflix show about a young chess prodigy in the Cold War Era. With the rise of the show, there has been a rise in chess’s popularity as well. Chess is a game that requires skillful thinking and anticipating the moves of your opponents. With this in mind, here are three business strategies you can learn from chess and The Queen’s Gambit (without any spoilers). 

Always Be Prepared

Chess is a game that requires quick thinking, mindfulness, and sometimes a little bit of luck. As shown in The Queen’s Gambit, protagonist Beth Harmon is always prepared and knows the situation. She is ready to make the next move and is one step ahead of her opponent. You can apply these same tactics to your business plan. If you are already an expert chess player, then you are one step ahead of the game.

You Never Know Who Could Be a Business Partner or Customer

Beth Harmon learns chess from a janitor named Mr. Shaibel. Their relationship is unique and unexpected and shows how you can form a relationship with just about anybody. Sometimes not expecting much can prove to bring out the best rewards in life. In business, always be ready to make a connection or network with somebody because you never know what it could bring. Beth and Mr. Shaibel’s relationship is sincere and instills the love of chess into Beth. Mr. Shaibel also acts as a mentor to Beth, educating her on the ins and outs of chess just like an entrepreneurial mentor does for a beginner business person. Remember that  meeting somebody who shares the same passions as you can come at any given time and inspire great change in your life.

Competition Isn’t Everything

As Beth Hammon says “chess isn’t always competitive.” The same idea can apply to your relationship with business competitors. Business competitors usually drive up demand and increase sales, which is a good reason why having a relationship with your competitor isn’t a bad idea. In The Queen’s Gambit, Beth sees the beauty in the game of chess, showing her passion and love for it. The same should apply to your business and the product or service you are selling. A work of passion is likely to yield higher results and be more enjoyable. For some people, being competitive makes them more motivated and more productive. However, for others, trying to constantly out-compete and one-up your competition can take the joy out of your work. Remember to stay focused and keep that drive alive that put you in the position to succeed in the first place. 

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