Marketing KPIs are key performance indicators that help improve and identify the cause of performance. If you are concerned about business and market growth, they can help identify why and how a business is acting the way it is. Using this same strategy, marketing KPIs can also be essential in incorporating a new campaign to predict results and trends. KPIs serve a variety of purposes by giving a metric you can use to improve marketing strategies. All of these statistics can help a business get a better understanding of operations and can lead to a versatile marketing strategy that customers identify with.

What Are Marketing KPIs used for?

KPIs give you a measurement so you know exactly what to address so it can be improved. You can use KPIs to find a specific source of measurement that reflects how well marketing is working. For example, perhaps the most obvious indicator of marking success would be a Sales Growth KPI. This metric will show you how sales are reacting once you have implemented a specific marketing strategy. Sales growth does not give a complete picture of the success of a marketing strategy but it is the intended result of marketing. Other factors can impede sales results, which is why using multiple KPIs is important

Marketing KPIs have the tools to distinguish how likely a potential lead is to turn into an actual customer. A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is a potential customer who has indicated they are somewhat interested in your business. For example, they may have signed up for your latest email campaign. A sales qualified lead (SQL)is likely to turn into an actual customer. Usually, some sort of communication has happened with this lead to indicate they are a high prospect. Leads are essential because they attract new customers to your business and the only way sales growth can improve is through attracting new customers. 

Marketing KPIs are used to produce metrics you may be familiar with such as customer lifetime value (CLV), cost of customer acquisition (COCA), MQLs, and SQLs. These all answer essential marketing questions such as the price of marketing to revenue and how much a specific advertisement will cost. Marketing can be challenging because it is an investment to produce desired results. Utilizing marketing KPIs is essential because it analyzes the impact of your investment versus the results they have produced. 

Why Are Marketing KPIs Important for Businesses?

Marketing KPIs are critical to improving business because they help you understand why your business operates the way it does. If you understand a measurement, you can then understand how to respond to create a plan that improves growth. KPIs are a tool that does just that by identifying factors that analyze performance. One of the main benefits of KPIs is having an improved understanding of how your business operates. 

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