While employee retention is a focus for many companies, they also need to focus on retaining customers. Customer retention refers to the people who consistently pay your business for a product or service. You don’t want customers who shop with you once and then choose other options or competitors. A SEO strategy can help with this.

The Role of SEO

SEO can help improve customer retention by keeping people engaged with your product or service. SEO refers to search engine optimization, and an SEO strategy is a great marketing tool to keep your company relevant. Using SEO strategies, a business has the potential to remain in consumers’ minds through constant promotion and product identification. 

Once a business has gained a steady base of clients, the next step to success is getting them to return. Customers who remain interested in a brand and identify with the principles of the company are more likely to return. In the past, email lists and email marketing campaigns have been effective ways to improve customer retention. SEO strategies are a move towards the future that can personalize ads straight to the customer. This is because SEO marketing uses search results from potential or former customers to show them what they’re already looking for. 

Using SEO to Reach New Customers

SEO can also help reach a broad range of new customers. Using search history from a consumer, data metrics indicate a product that may be of potential interest. These search results create a win-win scenario for both the consumer and business as they are paired with the optimal match. 

To make the most out of SEO, use familiar wording that consumers are likely to be typing into Google already. This can be done by effectively utilizing keywords and site optimization. SEO techniques will direct your customers back to your site after their initial purchase and reminded of your company’s brand. This type of marketing is less aggressive than email lists yet still effective as well as innovative. Instead of ignoring a pesky email, the consumer will find the perfect product when they are actually in the market for it. 

A great way to improve customer retention through SEO is by making your site mobile-friendly. Not all websites are accessible on mobile because they have different user perspectives that can be less effective on the undesignated platform. SEO is all about increasing the convenience of the customer. Nothing is more inconvenient than being on your phone and clicking a link only to discover the brand you were interested in is incompatible on your phone. Even if they are interested in your business, many consumers will turn away from your product if it is hard to access and their attention span is directed elsewhere. 

How V12 Strategies Can Help

If your business is unfamiliar with SEO strategies, it can be difficult to start without any experience. Luckily, there are many companies with experience utilizing modern industry standards such as SEO. V12 Strategies by Jean Paul DeSilva uses leading business technology to help companies reach their full potential. If you feel like you have the right image and brand for your company but are having trouble getting attention, V12 Strategies can help. Contact V12 Strategies at (918) 863-5856 to discuss how your new project launch could benefit from an SEO strategy.