When searching for the best SEO tools for you and your company it can be easy to get carried away. There are many tools and resources out there to get the best results from SEOs or search engine optimization. Here are a few of the top SEO tools to use in 2021 to help your company reach the largest audience possible.


Spyfu is a great SEO tool to start with because it is easy to understand and simple to get started with. Its technologies analyze keyword usage, domain research, as well as other metrics to get the best SEO results possible. Spyfu will allow you to see Google search results as they pertain to potential keywords. There are several Spyfu plans to choose from starting at $33 per month and gives options of basic, professional, and team plans.


If you want a versatile tool that offers many metrics and tools of analysis, Ahrefs is a great option. Ahrefs not only allows you to analyze your SEOs but your competitor’s as well. This allows you to see your ranking against the leading competition. Ahrefs also offers free learning tools before purchasing their software. After that, plans range from Lite to Agency level, ranging from $99-$999. 

Google Keyword Planner

It can sometimes be difficult to choose keywords that will produce the best results. Google Keyword Planner makes this a little easier by allowing you to preview which keywords may perform well. They also allow you to test a series of keywords. For each of these tools, it can also give you a metric to analyze how well keywords will help each SEO perform. You can also run this tool in Google Ads showing which keywords will help generate results. This is especially useful for a new marketing strategy where it is difficult to get launched. One of the best things about Google Keyword Planner is that it is free to use!


GrowthBar allows users to view things such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads metrics. It also gives insight into competitors’ backlinks and keyword result variations. GrowthBar is a very accessible and easy-to-use SEO tool. One of the easiest parts about using GrowthBar is that it is a Google extension tool. This allows for easy access and uses for a quick search and results. GrowthBar is a less expensive option starting at $29 per month. 

Advanced Web Ranking 

When using a large volume of keywords, Advanced Web Ranking can help you choose the one for optimal results. It tracks a variety of search engines giving you the ideal place you will rank. Advanced Web Ranking is a reliable tool that has been in use since 2002. It gives both mobile and web SEO results. It is a great tool to use for a small team because it allows for multiple users without additional costs. Advanced Web Ranking’s plans range from Starter at $49 per month to Enterprise at $499 per month. 

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