LinkedIn is a popular social media page that people use to make professional connections. It is also a great asset to help grow your business. Businesses should not overlook LinkedIn as part of their social media marketing strategy. Here are a few tips on how you can use LinkedIn to improve your business and marketing strategy.

1. Build Strong Connections

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a great place to make connections. Instagram and Facebook work so well for marketing because it allows users to make personal connections. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn is solely for professionals, which comes with its pros and cons. This can make it more challenging to promote products but better for professional growth.

LinkedIn can be helpful to make connections between other professionals in your field. People in the same industry often get tips from each other on LinkedIn. This helps the industry grow together as a whole. You can also join groups as part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Groups are an excellent way to meet professionals in your field for the first time. LinkedIn has groups for various fields and topics such as digital marketing, social media marketers, and start-ups. 

2. Utilize Email Lists

Email lists are an excellent way to stay a part of a customer’s database. While some view email lists similarly to traditional mail advertising, email lists allow for more frequent updates and stronger connections. LinkedIn allows for group messages to be sent to connections. This is a great way to grow email lists by reaching as many targeted customers as possible. 

Email lists are also very cost-efficient since they cost next to nothing to create. They allow to generate leads without any financial investment. Potential customers are given direct information and are easier to communicate with. More people are reached through email lists, therefore expanding your company’s presence. Incorporating email lists into LinkedIn and social media marketing may sound tedious but should not be overlooked. Many new leads are pursued, and former customers remain involved through email lists. 

3. Encourage Your Employees To Be as Active as Possible

Since LinkedIn is a social media site, the more involved the merrier. As with any social media marketing strategy, getting as many people involved as possible has huge payoffs. LinkedIn, being a professional social media page, allows employees to put a face behind their work. Including them as part of your LinkedIn page allows users to find out more about the company. It also encourages your employees to showcase the work they deserve to be proud of. They can spread it on their own LinkedIn pages and other social media platforms. Your employees will be able to show their LinkedIn page to numerous people, allowing the company name to grow exponentially. Employees will also be able to join groups and make other connections within the field. Making connections between your work and the employees behind it is a win-win because it promotes employee involvement and increases public engagement. 

Marketing for LinkedIn may seem challenging if you do not have any experience. Luckily, V12 Strategies uses the leading business technologies to make the world of social media marketing easier. We provide innovative strategic, analytic, and advising services to help your company grow. For a free analytic call, reach out to V12 Strategies at 918-863-5856. We have what it takes to help you and your team reach your business goals!