Low website traffic is frustrating because hard work can feel like time wasted. Designing a website for your company’s brand can be a huge challenge so you want as many people as possible to see it. Finding the cause of low website traffic may not be as challenging as you think. It may be something that can be fixed through your SEO, or search engine optimization, marketing strategy. Here are a few ideas to improve website traffic using SEOs. 

1. Free SEO Tools

One way to increase your website’s traffic is to use free SEO tools. Although it may seem simple, many new entrepreneurs and business people tend to overlook this technique. Since finding free tools is easy to do with a simple search, it is also fairly risk-free. There is no need to spend money on resources that can easily be found for free. Many of these tools will allow you to monitor your own site and compare it to your competitors. Keywords are also very important in increasing your traffic because they are vital when attempting to get your site to show up in searches. A good way to find relevant keywords is through a quick search on the internet. If executed correctly, keywords are one of the most effective and easiest ways to gather more traffic. 

2. Encourage Comments

Another easy way to increase your traffic is by encouraging comments on your site’s blogs. More comments mean more traffic, and on top of that, viewers may add new and insightful information you could learn from. Comments can also give you clues as to what your viewers want to see. Using backlinks from one page on your site to another could also increase your traffic. 

Visitors can navigate throughout your site from one post to another. When using a backlink, it is important to continuously monitor their effectiveness to see which are working and which are not. Be mindful not to backlink to a page that is non-existent. Posting content with a broken backlink could lessen your site’s perceived reliability and lead to user frustration. An easy and eye-catching way to insert a backlink is to convert an image to a backlink.

3. Digital Networking

Additionally, networking can go a long way. It is fairly simple to do, and it can greatly increase your website traffic. Following popular sites that have high traffic will only benefit your own brand. You can learn from these sites and pick up on their branding tools. As you familiarize yourself with high-traffic websites, you may notice they utilize user-generated content. User content encourages interaction on your site and will increase traffic. 

Mimicking your competitors may help you in the long run and serve as a great learning tool to see what already works. It could also be helpful to browse through comments they are receiving to give insight on what is working for other sites. Varying content could also be beneficial, as you may notice many popular sites rotating between videos, articles, or photos. Try shifting around keywords in your content to gain more visitors. This can change how your website ranks on a search. 

Fixing low website traffic can be detrimental to your business and challenging to fix. V12 Strategies can help improve website traffic and get your company’s marketing strategy back on track. We are a group of marketing experts that use innovative business technologies to provide businesses with strategic, advising, and marketing services. Give V12 Strategies a call today at 918-863-5856 to get started on your new project.