Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tool that all types of businesses use to improve quantity and quality of site visibility on search engines. Essentially, SEO makes you pop up at the top of search engines, such as Google. Also, we can use SEO to keep your business’ Facebook page at the top of the results on a search engine.

Facebook averages about 2.85 billion users monthly. About 67 percent of adults in the United States claim that they use Facebook. Facebook clearly has a huge audience that uses the site for a variety of reasons. This also means that your business page should be optimized so the vast majority of Facebook users can access your page quickly and conveniently. Therefore, SEO will play a vital role in your social media strategy. Below are some tips that will assist you in optimizing your business’s Facebook page. 

#1 Create a Facebook page and include all relevant information.

First things first, your business must have a Facebook page in order to optimize it. Once you have a Facebook page, you should list your business’s location(s). Including an address is a factor that makes your Facebook page seem more legit and will make it pop up on your potential customer’s searches. If your business has multiple locations, you can create a parent Facebook page that is connected to each of your locations’ Facebook pages. 

There is a lot of other general info that should be present on your business’ Facebook page. This includes your business’ website, hours of operation, category, phone number, email and more if applicable. The more info you provide, the more likely your Facebook page will rank better on search engines. 

#2 Pick a good name

To truly optimize your business’ Facebook page, you must give it an appealing name. Usually, it is ideal to pick a concise username that has a nice ring to it. You can change your username, but the SEO will be far superior if you pick one name and stick with it. 

The first word of your username is considered a keyword. Keywords in SEO are absolutely critical, as search engines place the greatest emphasis on keywords. 

#3 Use an abundance of keywords

As mentioned earlier, keywords or keyphrases are terms within online content that make it easier for users to find your page via search engines. This is where you have to analyze your business and understand what market you are catering to. Also, keywords or keyphrases should be short, as optimization does not work as well with longer phrases. 

#4 Monitor when it is the right time to share content

Your Facebook page should only contain information that is relevant and promotes engagement with the customer. Posting announcements just to post announcements creates too much drivel that SEO cannot optimize properly. Therefore, there should be an appropriate time and place for each post that your business makes. 

Content that is entertaining, informative, or promotes a call to action is what should be posted on your business’ Facebook account. It should be content that encourages the customer to like, comment, and share with friends and family. 

#5 Incorporate unique tabs into your Facebook page

Tabs like “Photos”, “About”, “Videos”, and others are prominently stationed on your business’ Facebook page. Use an abundance of these tabs so your customers can find all your posts in an organized fashion. You can also include relevant keywords in each of these tabs. These tabs are ways that you can separate your Facebook page from the many other competing pages. 

V12 Strategies understands how business technology and knowledge of social media can assist advertising on Facebook. A solid Facebook marketing strategy is the key to success in today’s digital era. Visit our website for more information.