Facebook is one of the largest companies in the world. One of the reasons behind its success is that Facebook understands the importance of technology in our society. In fact, they have begun turning to technology over humans by introducing and showcasing chatbots on their site. 

A chatbot is an AI-powered software that has automated messaging capabilities. This feature is revolutionary and many other businesses are aiming to integrate chatbots into their systems. According to a survey conducted by Oracle —a computer software company— more than 75 percent of businesses are determined to set up a chatbot system by the year 2020. These chatbots are rather dynamic; the ability to market is one of the key benefits of a chatbot. 

Below is a guide that describes how chatbots are used to devise a winning Facebook marketing strategy. 

Chatbots tap into a huge Facebook Messenger Market.

The Messenger platform is where the masses prefer to communicate. Over 1.3 billion people worldwide use the Facebook Messenger app —including over 135.9 million users in the US. There are millions of new conversations that are initiated over this platform every day. Facebook recognized that the communication features of the Messenger apps are on the main draws that attract people to their social media platform. Subsequently, they released over 300,000 chatbots to the Messenger app. 

Facebook Messenger is clearly where all the people are. There is only one other company (WhatsApp) that poses a threat to Messenger. Email communication has remained stagnant while messenger apps have improved greatly over the past couple of years. Regular people and businesses use the app often. From small, local places to big national ones, they all use Facebook Messenger as a way to communicate with their consumers. 

A Messenger chatbot is more cost-effective than creating a new app.

Customer experience is paramount in the business marketing world. A good business should be available to customers at all times of the day, seven days a week. Implementing a Facebook chatbot gives your business the ability to do just that. For example, a chatbot can respond to a customer and solve his or her problem(s) within seconds. Automated messaging is a simple way to prevent a customer from getting upset with your business. 

Facebook Messenger chatbots will improve your customer service drastically. Customers can learn about deals and rewards, schedule appointments, and do many other things conveniently and automatically. Chatbots also enable you to have more free time to deal with other aspects of your business.

It can give your business an edge in finding out what your customer wants.

On Facebook, you can track what your customers are talking about with your chatbot. For example, multiple customers may be asking the chatbot about a certain policy. Your business can then target this policy and make it a point of emphasis. Many customers ask the same question, and the chatbot software is a good way to identify these touchpoints. 

It allows you to reach your customer directly and keep them engaged.

The chatbot allows your business to have a direct conversation with your potential customer. They can actually respond to what you have programmed the chatbot to send. As a result, chatbots can keep your customer engaged and impressed with the marketing ability of your company. 

Personal information of the customer can also be stored by a chatbot. This allows your business to build a profile of your customer, which can form an emotional connection. For example, a chatbot can reach out to your customer when it is a significant day for them, like their birthday.

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