Social media has skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade. Billions all over the world use some type of social media on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not every person on social media will be polite. There are many users who view social media as a way to insult and belittle others without having to have a face-to-face interaction. These people are commonly referred to as “haters”. And whether they are coming at your personal or professional accounts, it’s best to be prepared and have the right social media management strategy!

Social platforms can definitely become frustrating due to these haters. It is important to keep your cool online when dealing with them, as their motive is to make you or your brand seem inferior. Do not give them that satisfaction. On social media, everyone is constantly watching. Below, we have provided some tips to help ensure that you deal with social media haters in a mature, professional way. 

1. Analyze the social media user that is spreading hate

There is a wide variety of social media users that could be considered haters. Some are real accounts and some are anonymous. The anonymous users are usually more dangerous haters, as they have no photos or information about them on their account. Thus, they have nothing to lose. The stakes are incredibly higher for your brand as many consumers use social media consumers. You should review the haters account, and see if it is a real person or an anonymous hater. 

Whether it is a distinguishable or anonymous user, it is wise to delete and block a hater if they are being abusive and/or exhibiting hate speech towards another user or your business. Abusive and hateful speech (e.g. racist or homophobic) have no place on social media, and should be removed. You should also report the guilty account. 

2. Respond in a respectful way

If the hater is genuinely questioning your business practices in a non-abusive way, then it is wise to respond. While responding, it is absolutely never okay to be disrespectful or snarky. Responding in that way will place you at the same level of the hater. It will also cause other users to perceive your business as unprofessional. 

You should respond in a respectful manner with legit facts about your business. Responding in a positive, lighthearted manner is also wise. Social media is a great tool, and spreading correct info about your business in a kind way will make your business look good. 

3. Be genuine

Your response to haters from real accounts should be authentic and sincere. Others on social media may not believe that a hater is actually spewing hate. Instead, they may believe that the hater is actually offering constructive criticism. This is not always the situation, but it is important to recognize when it is time to hear back from your consumers online. 

4. Start hiding or ignoring the comments

If a hater consistently comments heinous or untrue things about your business on your social media page, then you should hide their comments. Most social media platforms have filters capable of hiding comments that include explicit language or misinformation. For example, social platform Twitter has advanced muting options to keep haters from bothering you or your other consumers. 

5. Be mindful of your online reputation

Your business’ social media account(s) can definitely influence the reputation of your business. If you argue and treat customers (even hateful ones) poorly, then others will notice. Social media marketing is one of the most popular ways to gain new consumers during this current digital age. It is ideal to be known as an active, polite, and worthwhile business online. 

Reputation management is a critical aspect of any business. V12 Strategies has a vast knowledge of social media strategy and online reputation management. Social media is here to stay, and we help businesses adapt to the new, ever-changing digital marketplace.