What is a landing page? A landing page is where an online user will “land” after clicking a link that your business dispersed digitally. Landing pages, unlike normal webpages, have a single purpose and offer one thing. They should have a clear call-to-action, along with a clean template and concise copywriting. Because they offer a singular call-to-action, these pages usually target a single target market. Landing pages are very beneficial for businesses, as they are known to convert customers and generate leads. 

A poorly-done landing page will influence a potential customer in a negative way. It will decrease your credibility and likely send your target customer to a competitor’s offer. We have listed a few mistakes that you must avoid at all costs when building a landing page. 

1. There is more than one call-to-action 

As mentioned previously, a landing page has only one goal. Customers will not want to give attention to both calls-to-action, so it is wise to only include one main message. Landing pages should be easy to navigate and should call on the customer to take one action. Providing multiple calls-to-action is confusing from the customer’s viewpoint and proves that your company is unsure about its business goals. 

2. Slow loading speed

People make a commitment by clicking that link you included in your marketing emails or social media platforms. If the landing page takes too long to load, then the average customer will not want to wait. This is one of the main reasons why people abandon loading pages, and it has nothing to do with content. Potential customers will open up landing pages, so it is preferable that your landing pages have the fastest load times of any webpage. 

Images and visuals on your landing pages can affect loading speeds. You should test the speed of your page often and ensure that your images are not slowing down your page too substantially. 

 3. The writing is subpar

Call-to-actions must be written in a perfect way. They should be easy to read and inspirational enough for the customer to take action. Obviously, grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be done correctly on your landing pages. Copywriting that confuses and misleads will cause the customer to look elsewhere for products and services. Sentences and paragraphs should be concise and not too long. Too many words will bore your target customer. 

4. The mobile landing page is not usable 

Mobile is the most used marketing platform today. Your landing page has to be compatible on all types of devices, not just desktops and laptops. Optimizing your landing page for mobile users is necessary, and not doing so is a critical mistake. Many landing pages are not optimized across all devices – if your business can achieve this, then your conversion rates will likely increase significantly. 

5. You only have one landing page

Having one general landing page that all customers are led to will not be successful. Landing pages should have a single call-to-action, but you should have more than one to keep audiences engaged. They are awesome opportunities to convert customers and increase sales. There is no reason why you should have only one landing page. 

There are many deals and promotions that you can include across multiple loading pages. Do not include all of them in one, as this becomes cluttered and can cause your customer to feel stressed. Multiple landing pages with clean designs and solid wording will increase the amount of leads your business generates. 

Building a landing page is an essential tool in today’s digital marketing industry. V12 Strategies knows how to design a landing page that will appeal to your target market. Get in touch with V12 Strategies today and get a free consultation. We are here to help!