Netflix is one of the world’s largest video streaming markets, with about 214 million paid subscriptions in more than 190 nations around the globe. With a subscription count that high, you would be safe to assume that this company provides their customers with personalized experiences. In fact, Netflix does an excellent job with personalized marketing, ensuring that all of their content is relevant and engaging. 

Popular movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more are featured on Netflix. Netflix analyzes its users’ data, such as viewing history, to promote shows that are relevant and individualized to the particular user. Marketing personalization has helped Netflix become one of the most prominent streaming services around. Below, there are techniques that Netflix uses to conduct individual marketing. 

1. Recommended videos

Netflix uses an artificial intelligence software to monitor and analyze the shows and movies that the user interacts with the most. Machine learning functions track the shows that users search for, along with the shows they consistently watch and occasionally rate. Some additional points of analysis are the type of device used to stream, time spent watching the program, and the time of the day you watch. All of these trigger points assist Netflix in elevating personalized marketing for the user. 

2. Netflix matching percentage

Netflix’s effective algorithm system has the ability to rank how solid of a “match” a certain program is with a certain user. This match percentage has become a Netflix staple of personalization. Next to each program’s title, there is a number ranging from 1 percent to 100 percent that predicts how much the user will enjoy the program. The closer that number is to 100 percent, the more likely Netflix forecasts the user enjoying the show. 

This is a feature of the Netflix recommendation system. The number appeals to customers because it is usually presented in a noticeable green font. Also, it is a fun way that quantifiably suggests a show based on the user’s data.

3. The homepage has the right content at the right time

The Netflix homepage always seems to showcase the right shows at the right time. This is because they analyze the genres of programs that the users watch consistently. The algorithm also realizes what time of the year it is. If a user enjoys comedic programs, it is likely that Netflix will feature a comedian’s holiday themed stand-up special at the top of the homepage. 

Netflix allows multiple profiles to be created on one account. This is wise, because every individual’s program preference is unique. Netflix creates a persona of the profile that helps guide the machine learning and automatic processes that optimize personalized marketing. 

4. Emails and app

Personalized email marketing is something that Netflix does excellently. These emails are unique to each user and let them know about shows or movies that match their preferences. Netflix sends these emails to each registered user’s email with aims to engage the user. The subject lines are also very enticing and state explicitly that, “we (Netflix) just added a movie/TV show you might like”. 

The app is engaging because some users have made a habit of watching shows on their mobile devices. Customer experience is key and the Netflix app definitely appeals to those that use phones most of the time. Netflix, by providing an app that works seamlessly, ensures that any profile will enjoy their time spent on their platform. 

Personalizing marketing strategies is important in today’s digital age. Marketers must strive to provide a unique, efficient experience for each individual customer. V12 Strategies understands this, and uses business technologies and proven techniques to help elevate your business’ marketing capabilities.