Why a Marketing Dashboard is Your Perfect CRM Tool

businessman on mobile tablet managing his marketing dashboard

To improve decision-making, marketing dashboards are primarily useful as a CRM tool. It is a helpful CRM tool that enables marketers to analyze trends and interpret data quickly. At a glance, you can see whether your marketing efforts are moving in the right direction. In addition, variables within customer relationship management change often, so keeping […]

How Spotify’s Marketing Strategy Has People Willing to Pay More for Spotify Premium

green background of four spotify logos with a smartphone displaying the spotify premium version app loaded on the screen

Spotify made its debut back in 2008, offering free, unlimited access to its massive catalog of over 50 million songs. The only downside was the intrusive audio ads that played between songs. Currently, Spotify has over 400 million users, including more than 182 million paying subscribers.  How did Spotify convince so many millions of people […]

3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Optimized in 2022

a woman is on a mobile optimized travel agency website on her smart phone device

In terms of today’s business climate, there is nothing quite as important or necessary as having a digital presence, whether it be through social media or a website. That’s why you want to make sure your website is mobile optimized.  Think about a day out with friends. One of you asks what your group should […]

Brand Exposure: Networking Tips That Will Bring Success

two people shake hands with an overlay of business professionals using digital networking tips to build relationships

When it comes to building your brand, there are few things more important and more effective than networking. You can advertise to investors, clients, and customers as much as you want, and that’s all well and good, but making yourself known among your industry is just as important.  There are plenty of different ways to […]

A World Without Social Media and How It Would Affect Marketing

person typing and responding to social media messages

Social media marketing has brought new dynamics to be dealt with by all. Parents are now monitoring digital content their children see closely. People are more open to the public eye with private thoughts through platforms such as Instagram. “Viral” is now a term in common use. People are using the internet to keep up with […]

Perfecting Target Audience: Choosing the Right Demographic

3d render of person shouting their message to the perfect target audience

So, you have a brand idea. You know the color scheme you want the advertising to be. The font is picked out for any print ads. You have decided where you want to market your product between print and digital media. The business plan is coming along, but who is it geared towards? What do […]

How Spotify Is Growing Their Userbase with Marketing

spotify marketing logo with apple earbuds on display on with a green background

Anyone above the age of 30 likely remembers music downloading services such as Limewire. If someone could not purchase a CD they went to a trusted source for this golden nugget. Limewire and others similar to the brand were notorious for downloading any and all music directly onto a compact disc. Enter: the mixed CD. […]

SE-No’s: How Not to Do Your SEO Writing

seo magnifying glass checking what to look for in seo writing

Do you wonder how articles make it to the top of your Google searches? Have you searched multiple websites to recieve the same search results? First, it seems like a science to perfect the digital marketing craft. Not only the fonts to use for wording or the color scheme. Also, what keywords are used? How […]

Apply These 6 Secret Techniques To Improve Generating Leads

businessman generating leads for his bussiness

As a business or brand owner, you are probably already aware of the importance of generating quality leads. Without proper marketing strategies in place, you risk failing to get your product or service in front of the consumers who are most likely to make a purchase. Fortunately, there are several viable methods for generating leads […]

What is a CRM and Why Do You Need One

business man on the phone managing his crm customer relationship management

Every business owner needs a way of managing customer relationships. For your company to thrive, you need to ensure that your customers are happy with your business. Also, if a customer reports a negative experience, you need a way to address their complaints. By using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, you can track every interaction […]