Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see all of your marketing data in one easy-to-access location? By incorporating marketing dashboards, businesses can track every aspect of their campaign, while saving countless hours of data entry. Gone are the days of wasting valuable time manually documenting KPIs and other metrics. 

Today, with a marketing dashboard, you can conduct all functions, documentations, and calculations automatically. Thus, you can spend less time keeping track of your campaign’s logistics and more time planning its success. 

At V12 Strategies, we take pride in our ability to offer customers marketing techniques that optimize their campaigns. For this reason, we want to highlight the various merits of using marketing dashboards. We also want to feature some of the most notable dashboards and how they can help streamline your business. 

How Client Dashboards Can Help Increase Your Income 

When you start planning your campaign, your priority is to achieve the greatest amount of leads, conversions, and sales. As a marketer, you’re aware of how damaging a failed marketing campaign can be to your business and bank account. 

Fortunately, by using a dashboard, you’re able to keep track of all of your marketing metrics. Also, you can make the best decisions to get them most out of your campaign. 

Essentially, a dashboard helps optimize your campaigns and increase your income as your company experiences more sales.

Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards That are Proven to Increase Sales

Depending on your unique marketing goals, there are several different marketing dashboards to choose from. To help you optimize your company, we’re highlighting the top three marketing dashboards guaranteed to help boost campaigns. 

Whatagraph: If your goal is to gain control over your email marketing campaign specifically, Whatagraph is the best marketing dashboard for you. With this dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor all activities and data as they pertain to your campaign. This includes budget spending, campaign goals, and your conversion rate.

SERPed: When it comes to getting the most out of your SEO practices, SERPed is perhaps the best choice for marketing dashboards specializing in SEO. In addition to operating as a dashboard for all of your campaigns, SERPed users also have access to the software’s intuitive SEO tools. These tools include “Ultimate Research,” “Keyword Analyzer,” “What Ranks Where,” and “Tail Keywords.” 

Google Data Studio: Of course, if you want an all-inclusive marketing dashboard that offers comprehensive plans for managing all aspects of your campaign, Google Data Studio is ideal for you. When in doubt about which marketing dashboard to choose for your business, Google Data Studio has everything you need for a successful campaign. 

V12 Strategies: Everything You Need to Market Your Brand

After learning about the types of marketing dashboards and how they can help increase your income by improving sales, we hope you have a better understanding of these powerful marketing tools. 

At V12 Strategies, we will improve your businesses’ marketing strategies to help get your name out, attract customers, and increase your revenue.

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