Do you wonder how articles make it to the top of your Google searches? Have you searched multiple websites to recieve the same search results? First, it seems like a science to perfect the digital marketing craft. Not only the fonts to use for wording or the color scheme. Also, what keywords are used? How are these used to gain the attention of major search engines? Lastly, are people sitting at computers looking for information to put at the top of a mystical index? To learn this and more, we sprinkled fairy dust on the rest of this article…

What Is SEO Writing 101?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO writing simply translates to specific keywords used in your branded content. Branded content is a blog for your business webpage, a personal blog, or an article. Specific keywords are searched for by bots. Lastly, these bots create search algorithms from the keywords.

Importantly, when using SEOs to write your branded content ensure that you are also using the right method. Yes, there is actually a method to this madness too!

The Basics of SEO Content Writing:

Search engine optimization does not have to be an overthought task. It is simple! Small targets that you want to hit when using SEO are: use technical SEO; curate content that is relevant; and create credible content.

First, conduct keyword research. This step helps you incorporate primary keywords into your content, generating high-volume search terms. Newer content needs time to get higher rankings through bot searches. Do not be discouraged if this is you!

Finding primary keywords is done by putting yourself into your client’s shoes. What words would you look for if searching for your content on google? Excel spreadsheets can help keep track of these words as you are thinking. Also, incorporate a keyword research tool so you can evaluate quantitative data.

Second, look for keyword variations and long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords have lower search volume with higher intent. They are longer than a keyword; almost a key phrase if you will. Incorporating variations and long-tail keywords curates entrancing content.

Third, where does your webpage rate, realistically? This is site authority. Once you understand your site’s authority you can strategize accurately. When doing so, compare yourself to competitors. Are competitors doing the opposite of where you want your brand to be?

Lastly, map keywords to your content. What keyword does your content rank based on the above? Like step one, do this on an Excel spreadsheet for easy tracking.

What Not to Do:

In conclusion, now that you know what you should do, let’s look at the opposite. Note, it takes less to hinder your SEO strategy than to create it. Algorithms change and it can be easy to miss that. Below are three practical steps to avoid SEO working against you!

1. Keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing is putting the same keyword into your content…too much. Search engines catch this and will rank your site lower. Sometimes the content no longer appears in search results. Try shifting the focus to richer content versus too much of the same keyword.

2. Content length: Like makeup, more is not better. Ideal length for content varies. All writing requires enough information without repeating itself. Keep your content clear and concise while avoiding keyword stuffing. Also, be diligent in avoiding low-quality content. At times low-quality content is a result of not updating your SEO methods. High-quality content equals higher search rankings.

3. Link farming: Lastly, link farming is also known as paying for links. It can be tempting to use an outside source to move up in search rankings. What does a few dollars hurt? Be mindful that major search engines Webmaster Guidelines now state that link farming is not allowed. Your site can be de-indexed, in other words, invisible. Let your links happen naturally. Content that is valuable to readers is a sure way you will obtain organic links. Additionally, use creditable websites in your backlinks.

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