Content Writing 101: How SEO Can Take Your Content to the Next Level

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  SEO, or search engine optimization, utilizes internet searches to improve accurate matches. With SEOs,  you can bring new traffic to your website and have your content attract a whole new audience. SEOs use keywords that you can place anywhere throughout an article that meets a user’s search. Properly used keywords through SEOs can increase […]

5 KPIs Every Business Should Be Using in 2021 

KPIs or key performance indicator concept

A key performance indicator, or KPIs, is a great tool that identifies ways a company can improve. Also, KPIs redirect a company’s strategies to achieve the most success. KPIs encompass a broad range of data-driven metrics. With uses that span from sales to marketing to customer relations, KPIs have a lot of potential and are […]

SEO Strategy Tips to Effectively Improve Customer Retention

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While employee retention is a focus for many companies, they also need to focus on retaining customers. Customer retention refers to the people who consistently pay your business for a product or service. You don’t want customers who shop with you once and then choose other options or competitors. A SEO strategy can help with […]