Luxury Brand Marketing: Why They’re Saying No to Amazon 

Luxury brands don't like to market their products on Amazon.

Why are luxury brands not marketing on Amazon? There’s a few good reasons why. Retail giants such as Walmart and Amazon have gained access to brands such as Zappos, Moosejaw, and ShopBop. However, there’s still a broad range of luxury brands that remain far away from the retail world as possible. Many brands and retailers […]

Karkloof Safari Villas: How the Top Spas in the World Market Themselves

A nice spa scene is a great way to market themselves.

It may seem like a luxury spa wouldn’t have to do much marketing at all. As long as their target audience know the location and what they had to offer, that would be plenty to lure potential guests throughout the year.  A good company will always need to have a strong and ongoing marketing strategy […]