SE-No’s: How Not to Do Your SEO Writing

seo magnifying glass checking what to look for in seo writing

Do you wonder how articles make it to the top of your Google searches? Have you searched multiple websites to recieve the same search results? First, it seems like a science to perfect the digital marketing craft. Not only the fonts to use for wording or the color scheme. Also, what keywords are used? How […]

SEO for Beginners: What is Search Intent? 

search intent written in web search

We often take for granted how easy it can be to navigate online. Any inquiry we have can be easily solved by simply typing a few words into a Google search bar. Then the search engine works its magic to give us the answer we are looking for. Occasionally we need to perform multiple searches […]

How to Optimize On-Site Search to Boost Your SEO Results

search bar; looking for SEO on a page's search bar

On-page search is something that all websites should have. It is a UX design tool that many online visitors appreciate because it helps them navigate your page. If they cannot find information and there is no bar to search for it, then the visitor will likely leave the website and venture to a different page. […]

5 Ways in Which UX Design Impacts SEO 

UX design plan

UX stands for “customer experience”. UX design and search engine optimization (SEO) work hand-in-hand, as they are both related and necessary aspects of your business’ marketing strategy. Online visitors are more likely to stay on the website and engage with the content featured on a website that prioritizes UX design. It affects how the visitor […]

Step by Step Guide to Optimize SEO for Your Website

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Having a strong online presence is a great way to bring consumers to your website. However, if you don’t have the right tools, then you might have trouble getting traction on your website. Knowing the right steps for your SEO strategy is important, which is why we’ve created this step-by-step guide to generate a steady […]

Social Media SEO: How Influencers Are Doing It Right

woman using social media on her phone

Everyone is on the internet now, interacting and talking about a variety of topics. For businesses, implementing a social media strategy using search engine optimization (SEO) can be a great way to increase website traffic. Sometimes, social media can be hit or miss. Therefore, it is important to look at influencers who are successfully promoting […]

How an SEO Strategy Can Help You Get the Right Website Traffic 

SEO strategy plan written in notebook

When it comes to running a website, the hardest part can be getting people to actually find yours. While paying for advertisements can be somewhat helpful, gathering data on what your customers are looking for can bring more organic traffic to your website. Using an SEO strategy can be a great way to understand consumer […]

3 SEO Hacks to Fix Low Website Traffic

website traffic spelled on notebook

Low website traffic is frustrating because hard work can feel like time wasted. Designing a website for your company’s brand can be a huge challenge so you want as many people as possible to see it. Finding the cause of low website traffic may not be as challenging as you think. It may be something […]

5 SEO Tips to Help You Rank Your Amazon Products on the Top List

Amazon store where sellers use SEO to do marketing

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an excellent tool to increase product searches that often goes underutilized. SEOs work by using specific keywords to increase visits to a website. In the world of Amazon, this can be a great tool to help your product expand to a new audience or launch a product with great […]

Best SEO Tools for 2021


When searching for the best SEO tools for you and your company it can be easy to get carried away. There are many tools and resources out there to get the best results from SEOs or search engine optimization. Here are a few of the top SEO tools to use in 2021 to help your […]