Social Media: The Impact It has on Businesses

Smartphone opening Facebook next to "Social media"

The internet has greatly changed the way that businesses operate and communicate with their customers, especially when it comes to social media. Before social media and the internet existed, it was much harder for businesses to build an audience. They had to advertise through print sources and attend live events to showcase their product or […]

10 Fantastic Instagram Brands Right Now

A hand holding phone with instagram homepage.

Instagram isn’t just a place for people to share images of your cute fur babies, or family activities. If there is one less known fact about Instagram, it would be how powerful of a marketing tool it is.  With more than 1 billion active users across the world, Instagram is a marketing haven for businesses […]

What if Google or Social Media Ads Didn’t Exist?

A social media ad in a laptop with cursor.

Imagine browsing on your social media pages, ad-free! You get to surf the Internet with no ads, use social media platforms without sponsored content or any adverts. Sounds great, doesn’t it? To the consumer tired of nagging popup ads, life without ads would, without a doubt, appear perfect. On the flip side, it would be taxing […]

How To Build Your Social Media WITHOUT Buying Followers

Someone doing social media on a laptop.

Social media has had tremendous growth in the past couple of years! Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are abundant for marketing opportunities with brands and businesses. With more than a billion users monthly, it is easy to see why brands and marketers are scrambling to get the lion’s share of the marketing cake and grow their […]